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Privacy Policy

Personal information

To complete a purchase at MercoMods.com we need your name, address, phone number and e-mail. This is crucial information that we need to ship your order to the correct delivery address, keep you updated on your order, and to contact you if needed.

We are required to store order information for the purpose of accounting, handling fees and potential warranties or returns.

Your rights and protecting personal information

You have the right of insight to your personal information registered on mercomods.com in accordance with the current legislation.

You can request to receive this information at any time, in line with legislation.

The information shall be transferred in a safe way. If the request is given electronically, with no other specific wishes, the information will be delivered in regular electronic form.

You also have the opportunity to ask us to delete or correct your personal information, as long as we are not committed to store these according to current legislation or other commitments we have.

We have solid routines and extensive measures to make sure unauthorized people can’t access your personal information, and that the treatment of such data happens in accordance with the demands of the current legislation. Some of our measures are risk assessment, organizational and physical measures, implementing, access control and archiving routines. We also have routines for handling data and following up on requests related to the right insight, correction and deletion.


Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you load our website. These are used to improve your user experience and to remember who you are, so you stay logged in.

The purpose of cookies is to give the online store our basic functionality such as session management, analysis, personalization and marketing.

We work towards our marketing being experienced as relevant and valuable for you at all times. We use cookies and pixels to personalize our web based marketing. This will only happen if you give us your consent. If consent is not given, you will not be able to see the digital marketing we use.

If you prefer to avoid use of cookies, you can select for your web browser to not accept these. Use the web browser’s help pages for settings. Be aware that if you choose to exclude cookies, several of the functions of mercomods.com might stop working.

Right of withdrawal

You have a 14 day right of withdrawal beginning when you receive the product.

If you want to use the right of withdrawal, we demand that the product remains unused and in the same condition as you received it. All possible protection, notes or stickers need to be on the product.

You are responsible for the shipping fee to us.

If you wish to use the right of withdrawal for custom made orders, you will not get the whole amount paid back. You still have to pay for used time, and possible services we used to make your custom product.


We stand by our products being free of errors when delivered. If you have received a defective product, or believe there is something wrong with your product, contact us by mail with a short description of what is wrong with it.

Visualized pictures are only an illustrated preview of the finished product. We reserve ourselves against any minor deviations. Colors in product pictures, color charts and simulation in our custom-made-tool may be experienced differently between different monitors. Misleading colors is therefore an example of an invalid reason for RMA. 

If a product we sold has a deficiency according to the rules of the purchase act, you have the right to getting it repaired free of charge. It is free of charge to return a product in a case of needing service.

Please remember that charges for service, examination and shipping may occur if the defect does not have warranty or RMA.

This can be for example physical damage caused by accidents.

We do not use service partners, and therefore perform the work ourselves.

The service will be performed within 12 days of receiving your product. The service time may vary according to which product you have, and how extensive the defect/error is. You as a customer will be updated when the service starts and during the process. 

We care about you as a customer and we will agree on a solution that fits for both parties in any disputes


Custom Cables, backplates and LED’s have a 2-year warranty period. Custom modifications that we do ourselves have a 1-year warranty. This means UV-printing, 3D printing and similar custom productions. This also applies for custom water-cooled computers. Even if the computer has a custom water-cooling system with 1-year warranty, all the parts except water-cooling has 2-year warranty. We have a 2-year warranty on all components delivered by us, meaning GPU, CPU, PSU, RAM, motherboard, ssd, fans, etc. Please be aware that parts we modify are no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty.

The warranty does not apply in the following scenarios:

 – Damages not related to manufacturing errors

– Unfit environment or use of product

 – Product that is changed or modified without consent from MercoMods

 – Damages, deterioration, or malfunction due to accident, abuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning or similar.

 – Attempt at reparations on your own

 – Product defects or damage caused by liquid or moist, unless it stems directly from the custom water-cooling system that we built.


We use Bring postal service, and send out from our storage in Sandefjord to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Shipping is included on all our products. Shipping times may vary, but it stays between 3-7 days on all products.  When ordering a product it takes us 1-3 days to ship it, unless you ordered a PC. Upon ordering a custom PC we will inform you through e-mail regarding expected delivery time. This time may vary due to ordering your components and supplies etc. You will always receive a tracking number for your parcel. If you do not receive a tracking number you can send us a mail and we will send it to you immediately. We have insurance on all our shipments. If you recive a damaged product, you need to return it to us so we can initiate an insurance claim. You will not be charged for this, and a new prodcut will be sent to you.

About us

Legal name: Mercomods AS , Losgaten 15 3159 Melsomvik Org nr: 819 712 522