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Privacy Policy

Personal information

To complete a purchase at MercoMods.com we need your name, address, phone number and e-mail. This is crucial information that we need to ship your order to the correct delivery address, keep you updated on your order, and to contact you if needed.


We stand by our products being free of errors when delivered. If you have received a defective product, or believe there is something wrong with your product, contact us by mail with a short description of what is wrong with it.


Custom Cables, backplates and LED’s have a 2-year warranty period. Custom modifications that we do ourselves have a 1-year warranty. This means UV-printing, 3D printing and similar custom productions. This also applies for custom water-cooled computers. Even if the computer has a custom water-cooling system with 1-year warranty, all the parts except water-cooling has 2-year warranty. We have a 2-year warranty on all components delivered by us, meaning GPU, CPU, PSU, RAM, motherboard, ssd, fans, etc. Please be aware that parts we modify are no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty.


We use Bring postal service, and send out from our storage in Sandefjord to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Shipping is included on all our products. Shipping times may vary, but it stays between 3-7 days on all products. When ordering a product it takes us 1-3 days to ship it, unless you ordered a PC. Upon ordering a custom PC we will inform you through e-mail regarding expected delivery time. This time may vary due to ordering your components and supplies etc. You will always receive a tracking number for your parcel. If you do not receive a tracking number you can send us a mail and we will send it to you immediately. We have insurance on all our shipments. If you recive a damaged product, you need to return it to us so we can initiate an insurance claim. You will not be charged for this, and a new prodcut will be sent to you.

About us

Legal name: Mercomods AS , Losgaten 15 3159 Melsomvik
Org nr: 819 712 522