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We are a close team of creators, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging modding experiences. We are thrilled to make the joy of modding available to everyone, by selling our own high-quality sleeved cables, that have been used in all our builds. Often collaborating with various brands, we love to share our passion with the world!

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Since our modifying journey began, we pride on delivering high quality products, however, finding cables that are durable and look amazing seemed almost impossible. Therefore, we decided to make this kind of product easily available to anyone who wants to personalize their own PC. Made with high quality PE yarn and with carefully selected colors, these cables will last you for years to come and perfectly match your build!

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Komplett limited edition

Void is a clean, more abstract mod based on the white Phanteks p600s case. It features an RGB GPU backplate, representing a ray of purple light illuminating the interstellar nebulas. Let the light shine through the cosmic Void!

Finders Keepers

Cyberpunk 2077 Cypberup

This unique build was created in cooperation with CD Project RED and designed by Kacper Gaweł, taking part in the Cyber Up Your PC project. Based on Alienware Aurora R10 and featuring many recycled materials, this build was inspired by Cyberpunk´s Night City.


Komplett limited edition

The legend talks about a mythical creature prowling beneath the waves... Kraken takes inspiration from the most legendary and feared monster reigning in the darkness of the deep, vast sea. Unleash the beast inside you and conquer on your next quest!


Komplett limited edition

There is just something undeniably mysterious about the infinity of space. Shimmering in the distance of the night sky is a prominent constellation. Named after Orion, this PC is inspired by a distinctive hourglass-shaped asterism. Adventure awaits, and Orion will light your way!

Battle of Narvik

Battlefield V PC mod

Featuring breathtaking art and storytelling details, this build is inspired by Battlefield V and created for Komplett. Based on Phanteks Enthoo Elite and equipped with dual-loop water-cooling, this PC provides extreme power.


Cyberpunk 2077 PC mod

Created for Komplett and winner of best of Cyberpunk-themed PCs on Dreamhack Winter 2019, this high-end water-cooled build is based on Asus Strix Helios and is inspired by Cyberpunk´s district of Pacifica. Its many details and a custom screen make this PC one of a kind.

Battlestation Royale

Fortnite PC mod

The Battlestation Royale includes design elements from every aspect of the game. With vibrant metallic colors and extreme details it stand out of from the crowd. We used two separate watercooling systems; one for the graphics cards, and one for the processor and memory.


Overwatch PC mod

«Sombra» is our first case mod from the gaming world. This project was built to resemble the character Sombra from Overwatch. Using the small Thermaltake Core V1 case along with heavy modifications, this is our most detailed build ever. The PC was given away to a clever fan in Germany that solved our youtube riddle.

Trident of Neptune

Our first ever PC mod

Trident of Neptune, the build that started it all. Based on the NZXT H440, but with a completely redesigned color scheme for both the case and all the other parts.

Harvester of Time

MSI pro mod competition

Harvester of Time based on the Thermaltake Core V41 was our entry for Msi Promod Season 3. This unique build is made to stand out of the crowd with heavily modified custom tubing inside a spine.

Rebel Infamy

VirtuallyVain creator build

The Rebel Infamy was made with two things in mind, luxury and violence. Red crocodile leather wraps around the radiators and other highly visible parts. Along with the voodoo and gold, this makes for an unique but specific look that could only mean one thing: Youtube's very own African Rebel.

Shrine of Pan

MSI pro mod competition

Shrine of Pan is based on the Thermaltake View 27 case. The unique side panel with a curved window design makes for great visuals of the inside. We filled the inside with a white and green color scheme along with leaves and wood pieces to live up to the name. "Pan" is the greek god of nature.


The Gathering mod competition

Pulse is based on the In Win 805 case. We wanted to make a really clean build with a classy red and white design. This PC is a high end watercooled system.



Wishing for your own PC mod? We provide custom builds upon request and document the progress. Stand out of the crowd with your very own personalized computer!

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Short answer: yes. If you are interested in purchasing a MercoMods custom-made PC, please, send us a request. This form roughly explains the pricing as well. Keep in mind that we do not accept every request sent to us. If you are ready to commit and decide to submit a request, we will review it and determine if we want to proceed with the project.

Yes. We are based in Norway and offer free shipping within Norway. Shipping rates outside of Norway differ between countries and get calculated at checkout.

The prices vary significantly between desired components and the amount of modding. You can find the estimated price list on the first page of our custom-made PC request form.